International Conference on Advanced Technologies, Systems and Services in Telecommunications – TELSIKS will act as a high-level scientific forum for international researchers and practitioners working in all areas of telecommunications to present and observe the latest research, results, and ideas in these areas.
This time we will celebrate 30 years of organizing the first TELSIKS conference. We do hope that you will help us with your valuable contributions to make this Conference successful.

First Call for Papers is available here.

Niš is an administrative, economic and cultural centre of the South-East Serbia, some 240 km away from Belgrade. This city stands on the site of the Roman settlement of Naissus, the birthplace of Emperor Constantine the Great, in the valley of the river Nišava. There is a number of the ancient monuments in the city that testify about its stormy history. Niš is known as the greatest gate between East and West, because it is on the crossroad of the three important directions of the international highway, railway and air traffic.

Niš is a well-known university centre in Serbia, and Europe as well. Faculty of Electronic Engineering, one of the organisers of the conference TELSIKS and one of the most perspective university institutions in the country, gives great contribution to the development of the University of Niš.

From 2009 TELSIKS conferences were technically co-sponsored by two IEEE societies: MTT and AP, and Region 8.


Paper Submission Guidelines are available for the authors of prospective papers for TELSIKS 2023 Conference.

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[1] Telecommunications technologies and services
[2] Wireless and mobile systems
[3] Satellite and space communications
[4] Optical networks and systems
[5] Signal processing
[6] Networking and Internet technologies
[7] Computational electromagnetics
[8] Multiphysics modeling and optimization
[9] Antennas and propagation
[10] RF and microwave theory and technologies
[11] EMC/EMI and signal integrity
[12] IoT, M2M communications and sensor networks
[13] Big data
[14] AI and ML for communications
[15] Biomedical applications
[16] Multimedia technologies
[17] Green communications
[18] Information systems
[19] Emerging technologies and applications

Special Sessions

[SS1] IoT Applications in Modern and Emerging Technologies
[SS2] Doppler Radar Sensing of Close-Range Motion for Healthcare, Assistive, and Industrial Applications
[SS3] Setting up the Applied Artificial Intelligence Learning Requirements
[SS4] Electronics on Textiles

Organised by

University of Niš, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Serbia
Society for Microwave Technique, Technologies and Systems, Serbia

Technically co-sponsored by

IEEE MTT society
IEEE AP society
IEEE Region 8
IEEE Serbia and Montenegro Section
Serbia and Montenegro IEEE MTT-S Chapter

Under auspices of

Serbian Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation

In co-operation with:

Academy of Engineering Science of Serbia
National Society for Telecommunications
Society for ETRAN