IEEE Copyright Form

If a paper has been selected for publication in TELSIKS 2023 (including invited papers and special sessions), the authors of the paper have to submit a Copyright Form, necessary for the inclusion of the paper in the proceedings of the conference, published by IEEE. From 2019, the TELSIKS conference uses the IEEE Electronic Copyright Service (eCF). In the following, you can find all the necessary information on how to properly submit a copyright form. Please note that all clearances for publication must be obtained by the authors. By filling in the form, you are stating that the material in your paper is original and you have not previously released copyright for this paper and/or its content to another party. The paper cannot be published in the proceedings if the form is not properly completed.

Please fill in the required information in the boxes below and click the “Copyright Submission” button. You will be redirected to the IEEE Copyright submission site and a wizard will guide you through the process. A traditional copyright form with signature is not requested as it is replaced with the web form. 

IMPORTANT NOTES:  1) If the IEEE Copyright submission site returns the error “IEEE Electronic Copyright Form, Non-authorized Submission Site”, it means that you are behind a firewall or you are using a proxy server. In that case, the process will not work. Temporarily changing the firewall settings on your computer (allow communication for your web browser) may help. 2) Make sure that the address bar of the web browser shows: If this is not the case, the procedure will not succeed.

Please, fill in the fields below to start the Copyright submission.

Paper Title

Authors of the Paper (separated by comma)

Paper ID **

Authors E-mail Addresses (separated by comma)

** Do not remove “TELSIKS-2023-“; it should be TELSIKS-2023-XXX, where is XXX the paper ID number. (Examples: TELSIKS-23-026 , TELSIKS-23-001)